Safe Shipping Inspectors:
     Finally! Online shopping made safe and easy! Here at SSI our goal is to make sure online shoppers can shop with a peace of mind, not having to worry if the guy from ebay is really planing on sending you your paid item. Here at Safe Shipping Inspectors the buyer pays for the item up front and we will hold the money until the sellers has shipped the item to our warehouse and we have verified it.  After we have verified the item then we would ship it right out to the customer. 
     If the item does not reach our warehouse in a timely manner than we would refund the customer with no fees the customer just pays for the shipping cost. Another thing that makes our service so great is that you can shop on craigslist around the whole world. You can feel safe knowing that the product will be shipped to our warehouse first for inspection so you would not have to pay directly to the dealer up front not knowing for sure the outcome of the deal. So shop with Safe Shipping Inspectors for a great online shopping experience.

About Us:
Here at Safe Shipping Inspectors we consider ourselves true innovators and define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Perks Of Our Service:
You can shop on craigslist all over the world with our service and your item will automatically go onto our ebay account so you could possibly receive more than what your asking.

* Prices plus sales tax, plus delivery